1MM: Far Reunites At Bowery Ballroom, Sticks Mostly To ‘Water and Solutions’

Words and Photos by Andrew Parks

“I’ve got a question for everyone,” said Far frontman Jonah Matranga, addressing a sold-out crowd at Bowery Ballroom on Sunday night. “Who here is seeing Far for the first time?”

A sea of raised hands respond, many of which were probably about 7 years old when the band’s penultimate LP (Water & Solutions) came out. As Matranga sang with a smile at one point in the set, “Everyone gets older/Oh well, I’m not really here.” Except he was very much here,  dashing across the stage while connecting the dots between Far and such essential post-hardcore/alt-metal acts as Jawbox, Helmet and Unwound. The kids didn’t quite get it until the end–a “Mother Mary” collab with Thursday singer Geoff Rickly and a wiry rendition of “The System”–but that’s okay. The fact that we got to see these guys plow through one of our favorite records from a decade ago was enough for us. In fact, we almost wish they weren’t releasing a new album on Vagrant next year, if only because it might pale in comparison. But who knows…