1MM: Photos of Yeasayer & Tanlines @ Guggenheim Museum

Photos by Jen Maler

If you follow our Twitter feed on a regular basis, then you probably noticed last week’s initial impressions of Yeasayer‘s long-awaited second LP, Odd Blood, easily an early candidate for 2010’s Best New Music bin. Not to mention the most surprising avant-pop album we’ve heard in a while. Don’t believe us, though; believe the “It Came From Brooklyn” crowd at the Guggenheim on Friday night, who were treated to live versions–aided in part by a light show and complimentary 3-D glasses–of such ace new songs as “Madder Red,” “O.N.E.” and Yesayer’s freshly-pressed “Ambling Alp” single.

May the hyperbole begin.

Yeasayer @ Guggenheim Museum, 10.30.09:
The Children
Ambling Alp
Madder Red
I Remember
Red Cave
Wait For the Summer