2009 IN REVIEW: The Gaslamp Killer On … The Long Lost’s Self-Titled LP

Instead of going on and on about our top picks of 2009 and the past 10 years–we’ll do that later–self-titled asked some of our favorite ’09 artists to share their favorite records. Here’s a folk-infused full-length from The Long Lost, which The Gaslamp Killer wholly endorses despite that Jack the Ripper name of his. 

The Long Lost, The Long Lost (Ninja Tune)
The Long Lost’s self-titled LP is one of the most infectiously beautiful records ever. Daedelus and his wife Laura Darlington should be in the rock ‘n’ roll hall of fucking fame with this one. It features so many dope instruments, almost all played by Daedelus and Laura themselves! I mean…WOW! I am still shocked at how many times I listened to this LP, and at how long I left it in my car’s CD player! Almost as long as MF DOOM’s Operation Doomsday LP when that first came out. I know every fucking word of this album and that really does not happen often. I recommend this record to everyone on the planet earth. It is a very special ride to say the least. – William Benjamin Bensussen