50 Music Videos MTV Would Play If We Ran the Joint

Look, we get it—the “M” in MTV might as well stand for My Super Sweet 16, not “Music.” Which is especially sad considering how the low cost of digital cameras has lifted the barrier to entry for anyone with a strong creative eye and a decent video director, making the past couple years prime real estate for progressive music videos. We’d rather not rag on Miley Cyrus and the clueless programming of this year’s Video Music Awards, however, since that’s far too predictable and MTV hit a point of no return years ago. We thought we’d share 50 of our favorite YouTube finds from the past year instead, eye-boggling clips that’d get a VMA mention—or at the very least, land in their long lost Buzz Bin—if we were in charge of the station, from the blasphemous brilliance of David Bowie to the heavenly house of Disclosure

[youlist pid=”PLlxVAExh_bYYnTSA1oZGvSWmaWAfUUuh8″ width=”960″ height=”540″]