Andrea Belfi Reveals Solo Record, Ore


Longtime Erased Tapes label manager Sofia Ilyas has just the right record to launch her new Float imprint: Ore, the latest electro-acoustic LP from drummer extraordinaire Andrea Belfi. Due out May 26th, the solo effort finds Belfi fusing his centrifugal beats with a deceivingly simple sampler/modular synth setup. Recurring Nonkeen collaborator Nils Frahm also mastered the entire affair, so you better believe it sounds airtight.

“When I started the record,” explains Belfi, “I really wanted to find something very direct. I was looking for something very raw, something sonically and acoustically complex. The title Ore was suggested by my wife. I had to look up the meaning and loved the concept—something raw that you can extract, and the refinement into a precious material. It’s a very simple metaphor but there’s a lot there.”

Presenting the official video for “Lead”….

Andrea Belfi Ore cover

Andrea Belfi
(Float, May 26th)

1. Anticline
2. Iso
3. Lead
4. Volume
5. Syncline