Bereen Ondo Readies Experimental Ano EP

Bereen Ondo


As you can see in the moody shot above, Bereen Ondo has spent a lot of time lurking in the densely populated forests of Finland lately. The producer’s debut EP was even made in a cabin just outside Rovaniemi, a.k.a. the area many consider Santa Claus’ hometown.

There’s a noticeable lack of jingle bell rock licks on Ano, though; downed power lines, rusty industrial rhythms, and dark ambient diversions rule the day instead. As does the poetry of Ano’s father, which cuts through the ether on the closing track “Kuin luoti.” Listen….

Ano album art

Bereen Ondo
(Ceremony, May 12th)

1. Ventovieras
2. Laiha lohtu
3. Kulkukoira
4. Ranko
5. Kuin luoti