The Greatest Hoax Channels a ‘Peaceful Death’ on Chilling Neo-Classical Album

The Greatest Hoax


At the risk of sounding like like a serious Sisters of Mercy fan, death is the driving force on Expiration Compositions, Taylor Jordan’s second The Greatest Hoax LP. Due out June 23rd through Serein Records, the “brooding yet hopeful” effort was produced by fellow sound sculptor Rafael Anton Irisarri and cut with a string quartet led by cellist Mark Bridges (see also: the Loscil side project High Plains). And while it may sound like a downer, Jordan insists “Expiration Composition is not just an album about death; it reflects a sense of happiness for one’s life. The subject is often heavy, but my intention is to encourage listeners to appreciate their lives knowing they are finite.”

Case in point: today’s lead #selftitledpremiere….

Expiration Compositions album art

The Greatest Hoax
Expiration Compositions
(Serein, June 23rd)

1. Senescence
2. Left You Behind
3. As the Light Dims
4. You Never Learned a Thing
5. It’s ok
6. Just Passing Through
7. Fading Away
8. Not Coming Back
9. Pulling up the Sheets