“Black Shadows”

"When I got there I kinda stepped back and was like; oh it's just a fucking M!"


A clip that's as unnervingly still as the chilly drone cut that drives it

“Sur Le Ventre”

"Ass by the ants, nose up the stars , we're moving, oh yes, we're moving"

Vladislav Delay Shares Ripatti Mix, From Recent Collabs to Rick James Bootlegs

Stream it alongside his latest ambient LP, 'Visa', and a separate jazz set

Black Devil Disco Club
The Kid In Me Mixtape

"I've been making electronic music for 40 years. Times flies... But forget about it. Stay insane, like the kid in me."

“Use Your Delusion (Odonis Odonis Remix)”

Two of Toronto's top punk bands collide head-on, spitting fire and nails onto a track that was tight enough as is

Scout Paré-Phillips
“Your Light”

One of Jack White's secret weapons gives us a taste of her Dais debut

Broughton’s Rules

A couple Don Cab alums hit the ground running with their guitars on blast

“C U In Hell” (Suicide Commando Cover)

Get in the holiday spirit with a tortured take on a Belgian beat classic


Featuring the boom-bap brilliance of fellow Anticon. alum Odd Nosdam


Slow-burning minimalism from former ISIS frontman Aaron Turner and his SIGE Records co-founder Faith Coloccia

Mick Finesse & Pinion
“Dead Boyfriend Alley”

The NIN nod is intentional

(Feat. D Double E)
“Screwed On”

Download a thick slab of street bass, and check out another track featuring Trim


That voice sure sounds familiar


A tightly edited march towards a better tomorrow that may or may not be marred by the storm ahead