“A Gut Man Cometh (Matthew Herbert’s Feel Right Dub)”

Stream True Neutral Crew’s Debut Album, Soft Rules

Ritual Howls
“Park Around the Corner”

A propulsive blend of steam-pressed synths, sludge-dipped guitars, and drums that are as sharp and shiny as a swiftly drawn dagger

Will Samson
(Feat. Benoît Pioulard)
“You Are An Ocean”

Matt Carlson
“Sitting Down to Boolean Tea”

Jon Bap
“Gotta Be Your Lover (Single Edit)”

One of jazz's craziest drummers crosses paths with avant-pop music

Symbion Project
(Feat. Briana Marela)
“Stainless Endless Radiance”

Exploring the ever-so-blurred line between our virtual and visceral worlds

Objekt Shares Previously Unreleased Via App Track From His Kern Vol. 3 Mix

“In Music I Trust”

More hardcore sounds from Tehran

“On a Mad Train”

AnD makes Trent Reznor's 'Downward Spiral' era sound cuddly in comparison

Leo Abrahams
“Into the Wild”



Jherek Bischoff
“Closer to Closure”

What happens when a young composer spends time in a two-million-gallon water tank

Parachute Records Announces New Releases From Dead Fader, POORGRRRL

Where Ryan Trecartin meets PC Music