Jherek Bischoff
“Closer to Closure”

What happens when a young composer spends time in a two-million-gallon water tank

Parachute Records Announces New Releases From Dead Fader, POORGRRRL

Where Ryan Trecartin meets PC Music

Evan Ønly Reveals /\/\ARBLE Design Line, EP

A special project "inspired by free thinkers like Jacque Fresco" and the New Beat era of the Belgian dance scene

Stream the First LP in Bjarki’s New Trilogy For Nina Kraviz’s Trip Imprint

Restless broadcasts from the great beyond, as if Bjarki somehow beamed us all back to a warehouse party in the Clinton era

Ben Lukas Boysen
“Keep Watch”

Where Autechre and Godspeed You! Black Emperor meet grand concert halls

“Hello Earth”

"It was time to explore a new concept"

Dosh & Ghostband
“Kool Aid”

"Sounds like a great time, if only we could make it there"

D. Carbone

Timmy’s Organism
“Back in the Dungeon”

"I love the idea of using wizardry to transmit VHS feeds into a person's brain. Like, medieval virtual reality."

Ocho, “Vines (Darshan Jesrani Vocal Mix)”

"If techno is George Clinton and Kraftwerk stuck in an elevator, this might be something like Shep Pettibone doing MDMA with Clan of Xymox backstage at Danceteria"

Useless Eaters
“Electrical Outlet”

"The groove insists, the synth circles like a cop car, and the guitar chimes like an unexpected doorbell in a strange apartment"

Second Woman

Time to trigger those tingly ASMR feelings with members of Belong and Telefon Tel Aviv

Stream Weightausend’s New Haunter Records EP and Read His Commentary

Discussed: Fletcher Hanks comics, broken breaks, Mellotron choirs, and 'Half-Life 2'

Mountains and Rainbows
“How You Spend Your Time”

Say hello to John Dwyer's new favorite band and Detroit's best kept secret