Cloudland Canyon
“Try Faking It”

A cracked space-time continuum of crystalline keys and bubble gun beats

“Always the Sea”

Wire's Colin Newman and Minimal Compact co-founder Malka Spigel return with their first record since 1999

Rafael Anton Irisarri

As dark as it is deeply moving

“Buildings On Fire (Mark McGuire Remix)”

Primitive World
“Azimuth (L/F/D/M Remix)”

An acid-washed remix that's rough around the edges and relentless

Bianca Casady & The C.i.A, “Roadkill”

"I have always fought for the dark side in CocoRosie. Now I get to explore the nuances of the dark side, which have their own mysterious beauty."

Nico Fidenco, “The Magic Is In Progress (Alessandro Adriani Remix)”

What happens when an Italian pop star starts making a synthed-up score about zombies and cannibals

Autre Ne Veut
“Panic Room (Suicideyear Remix)”

A syrupy remix peppered with cumulonimbus chords and snap-crackle-pop drum parts

Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch
“Don’t Disappear”

Robot Koch (Feat. Fassine), “Spine”

A slow-burner that leaves a trail of smoke and ash in its wake

Mueran Humanos, “Guerrero de la Gloria Negativa (Robert Hampson Remix)”

The Loop frontman douses the Berlin duo in feedback and feel-the-pain vibes

Stream Cage Suburbia’s Argument #03 EP

Punk rock for the paranoid age

“All Flesh”

Like Underworld... if Karl Hyde had too many lager lagers and poured his pain into a prickly techno-punk tune

Arnaud Rebotini Launches Frontières With GRM Composer Christian Zanési

Watch Jacques Renault’s Boiler Room Set, Part of a Special Italo-Disco Event