Martial Canterel
“And I Thought”

Melancholic body music delivered with dollops of distortion + sawed-off sine waves from 1/2 of Xeno & Oaklander

The Bug
(Feat. Burro Banton)
“Zim, Zim, Zim”

Dancehall laced with dread

The Spanish Candles

If two of these faces look familiar, it's because they're from the guitar army that is Diarrhea Planet

Korallreven + China
“Spirit Away”

Now available: Slime by Korallreven, "one of the most effective slimes for healing people, plants and animals"

Legendary Wings
“Weather Advisory”

A filler-free ripper from Dirtnap Records


What happens when jazz, funk and hip-hop loops get whacked by a washing machine and left in the sun to dry

Go Dark

Presenting the world premiere of a top secret project that's opening for Deerhoof this fall

“Peepsie (Hyetal Remix)”

Carla Bozulich
“One Hard Man”

A striking argument for flossing regularly

Azar Swan
“For Last and Forever”

It's as if Wax Trax! was suddenly relaunched and influenced by everything from The-Dream to These New Puritans

Buck 65
(Feat. Adaline)
“Roses in the Rain”

"Making this record is how I got through a terrible time in my life. I hope I never write another one like it."

Kid Moxie

The moonlit pop singer shares the lead single from an LP that features Angelo Badalamenti & The Gaslamp Killer

Jordan de la Sierra
“Temple of Aesthetic Action”

The Terry Riley protege finally gets his complete New Age classic reissued through Numero Group

Ritual Howls
“Turkish Leather”

Diving into a downcast drone like John Cale beneath a full blood moon

Life on Planets
“Zebra Prom”

Out of the club and into the bonfire