December Shares “Bright Red” Video Inspired By French Films From the ’60s

Taken from his new Mannequin 12''

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Mike Parker
“Angels in Cages”

A hypnotic and heady missive from the underground techno vet

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The more we read, the less we know

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When Minimal Compact Met Wire

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Why? Because dance music heals all wounds. For a little while at least.

Stream a Previously Unreleased Track From 2MR’s Harsh Riddims Compilation

"The haze and the sludge at the end of the track is my favorite part. It's a great exit for this lo-fi, twangy, pop vibe he was able to make."

Watch a Clip From Northern Disco Lights, a Norwegian Dance Music Documentary

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Sourced from a CD-R

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What happens when you've had too many Zombies to drink

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"Scouring the margins of punk, digging through the moldy record boxes, reading reviews of obscure 7"s in long-forgotten fanzines, and striking gold"

“Wander to Hell”

Stream the latest single from Tale of Us' Afterlife imprint