Buck 65
(Feat. Adaline)
“Roses in the Rain”

"Making this record is how I got through a terrible time in my life. I hope I never write another one like it."

Kid Moxie

The moonlit pop singer shares the lead single from an LP that features Angelo Badalamenti & The Gaslamp Killer

Jordan de la Sierra
“Temple of Aesthetic Action”

The Terry Riley protege finally gets his complete New Age classic reissued through Numero Group

Ritual Howls
“Turkish Leather”

Diving into a downcast drone like John Cale beneath a full blood moon

Life on Planets
“Zebra Prom”

Out of the club and into the bonfire

“Come Undone (Trentemøller Remix)”

Beautiful yet broken, featuring some lonesome vocal lines from Blonde Redhead singer Kazu Makino

Shit and Shine
“PG 13’’

The post-everything prankster detonates the dance floor with scenery-chewing samples and gritty grooves

The Soil & The Sun
“Are You?”

"A consistent moment of calm during what can sometimes be a chaotic night"

Naomi Punk
“Firehose Face”

"I feel like the themes I’ve been exploring in this band have been really motivated by the interior of my soul"


A place that's powered by steam engines yet expressed through red-blooded riffs and industrial strength melodies

“Time After Time”
(Cyndi Lauper Cover)

As inspired by... 'Napoleon Dynamite'

“No Sass”

The place where a young producer's fascination with Aphex Twin meets the polyrhythmic percussion of West Africa

Castanets, “My Girl Comes to the City”

On the brink of a sonic breakdown with smart-bombed keyboards, head-on harmonies and split-screened samples.

Wild Cub
“Thunder Clatter (Jensen Sportag Remix)”

This one''ll leave you light-headed

“Rescue, Mister (Mozart’s Sister Remix)”

Not a bad introduction to the Mozart's Sister universe that'll be unveiled via her debut album next month