Vincenzo Ramaglia
Unveils Alva Noto Remix

Vincenzo Ramaglia has brought his La parole LP back to life with a welcome remix from glitch demigod Alva Noto. Have a listen below, right alongside Ramaglia’s thoughts on the track and several other selections that may or may not land on a proper remix album in the coming months….

I am excited to recognize the glitch / microsound soul of Alva Noto in a remodel of one of the tracks from my album ‘La parole’. In addition to the style (evocative, hypnotic, both essential and ingenious) that I always love in Alva Noto’s music, I feel a further poetic vein opening up to an infinite horizon of suggestions.

For example, I don’t know why it reminds me of the ‘library scene’ from Wim Wenders’ ‘Der Himmel über Berlin’ but listening to the refined sound textures that Carsten placed in Laure’s voice, the film’s sequence — with its angels — comes back to my mind as if fragmented through an optical prism.

My final feeling is that this metaphysical remix is really a masterpiece.