Rafael Anton Irisarri

Rafael Anton Irisarri Readies Two New Tapes For Geographic North, Umor Rex

Stream the first in full here

The Greatest Hoax Channels a ‘Peaceful Death’ on Chilling Neo-Classical Album

Produced by Rafael Anton Irisarri and featuring Loscil's bandmate on cello

Public Memory Shares The Sight Below Remix, Announces New Album

The Sight Below also released a benefit EP for victims of the Ghost Ship fire

#not the best ambient albums of all time

Take that Pitchfork!

Rafael Anton Irisarri

As dark as it is deeply moving

Rafael Anton Irisarri
“Empire Systems”

According to director Andre Ross, "the goal was to bestow sentience on light and color"

5 Records That Got Rafael Anton Irisarri Through a Rough Year

Actually, it was more like four records and one long-awaited reunion

Rafael Anton Irisarri Loses Equipment, More Than a Decade of Music in Robbery

Watch footage of the incident and help out if you can in the Seattle area

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NEEDLE EXCHANGE 084: An Exclusive Mix By … Orcas

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Ghostly Curates ‘Context’ Compilation, Featuring Aidan Baker, Leyland Kirby & Nine ...

NEEDLE EXCHANGE 014: An Exclusive Mix By … The Sight Below