Rafael Anton Irisarri


As if Anders Weberg wasn’t busy making the world’s longest movie—Ambiancé, a 720-hour opus he hopes to premiere worldwide in 2020, then destroy—the Swedish artist just wrapped the latest video from Rafael Anton Irisarri’s new album. Available in the above player, “Displacement” sets the stage for a rough year record that’s as dark as it is deeply moving.

Check out another clip from A Fragile Geography here, then reach further back into our archives for an exclusive mix from Irisarri’s long-dormant Sight Below alias. As for what Weberg has planned for the months (make that years) ahead, have a look at a recent Vice interview and the following director’s notes:

– I felt an immediate connection to the rich and multilayered sound as if he was doing the exact same thing that I’m trying to in my films where I’m trying to express my emotions as subtle as I can with the juxtaposition of layered scenes, tempo and color evokes longing, loss, memory, distance, and desire.

– Been working with digital tools now for 16 years and always try and aim for an organic, melancholic look and I feel Rafael is achieving that with his music.

– The material has been collected on many travels and they all express my “Displacement”.

– My process is that I collect glimpses of light with camera and take that with me into the computer where the real work begins taking all this glimpses and arranging and rearranging them into a flow that I feel represent the emotion I try to express.

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