The Greatest Hoax
“Opus No. 30”

The Greatest Hoax

As the debate over climate change grows hotter than the earth’s surface and we continue to face what may be the roughest year on record, one scientist is showing his sense of humor through music: D.C.’s own Taylor Jordan, a composer/pianist who’s dubbed his ambient directives the greatest hoax. Striking a delicate balance between traditional piano tropes and fractured electronics, Enso is the project’s debut LP—a collection that’s contemporary and classical in equal measure.

Here’s what Jordan has to say about today’s #selftitledpremiere, along with the album’s previously shared pieces:

“Opus no. 30” is intended to be the album’s outro, but it’s more than just that; it’s a personal favorite. The piece starts with simple warped piano chords and strung out-synth notes. The track bursts into energy with a driving low end. The piece goes kicking and screaming on its way out. The album is often restrained, grounded in classical piano stylings, but this piece lets off the brake and allows the random ambient noises to build and spill over, leaving behind the modern classical piano for more abstract and electronic elements.

‘Enso’ is due out digitally and in a self-released limited CD pressing on November 20th. Check out more of our ambient music coverage here.