Arnaud Rebotini
Shares His
Quarantine Soundtrack


Like many other restless musicians, Arnaud Rebotini hasn’t let quarantine life drag him down. If anything, he’s turned its rules and regulations into a self-imposed artist residency — a carte blanche call to creativity when everything else is out of our control anyway.

The takeaway between March and May was Rebotini’s This is a Quarantine series: weekly singles meant to capture “his week of confinement” and the current events that complicate things even further.

To put all of the original tracks, like-minded remixes, and Ina visuals below in perspective, Rebotini also cut an exclusive mix that’s nearly 90 minutes long.

“I wanted this mix to be like This is a Quarantine,” he explains. “It includes some remixes of the series and songs by Pablo Bozzi, Jensen Interceptor, Zanias, and Phase Fatale. I also put in a track from my next EP, which will be released in September on Mannequin Records — Alessandro Adriani’s label. This mix is my quarantine soundtrack….”

Vertical67 – Break the Chain [Mechatronica]
Assembler Code – Simulant [International Chrome]
DeFeKTt – You Have Time [International Chrome]
DJ Naughty – Boing Bum Tschag [International Deejay Gigolo]
Jensen Interceptor – Strings of Fear [Pinkman]
Arnaud Rebotini – Last Train To Krasnodar [Mannequin]
Pablo Bozzi – 42nd Chambers [Bite]
The Virus (Feat. Sete) – Lvz Herminia [Replicante Cintas]
Fractions – Do You Believe [Monnom Black]
Zanias – Ending – Fleisch Records
NN – Blood Metal Horror [RAW]
ED1999 – Straight Outta Hell [Porpax]
Sept – Ultimate Seduction [Voxnox]
New Frames – Eine Andere Welt [Haven]
Sarin – Psychic Driving (Phase Fatale Remix) [Bite]
Swarm Intelligence – Murmur [47]