Australian Researchers Take a Stand Against Headbanging, AC/DC

If the CNN report posted above to be believed, headbanging is bad for your health, leaving concertgoers “dazed, confused and incoherent.” According to a pair of Australian researchers, bands like AC/DC should follow three simple rules to save us from ourselves:

  1. Provide fans with “formal training” on “how to headbang safely.”
  2. Tell everyone to bang their head on every second beat.
  3. Drop that “Highway to Hell” malarkey for a soft jam like Henry Mancini’s “Moon River.”

We’re not sure whether to believe such R&R-hating nonsense, but CNN reporter Elizabeth Coen had this to say: “I emailed the researchers to ask, ‘Are you serious?’ and they haven’t gotten back to me.” When she heard the dazed and confused comment, Coen also added, “Silly me. I thought it was maybe the drugs they were doing.”

Priceless. See what we think after the jump …