Will the Real SALEM Please Stand Up?

This SALEM probably wont be interviewed by BUTT anytime soon.
This SALEM probably won't be interviewed by BUTT magazine anytime soon.

So we just got a press release about the seventh studio album of SALEM, an Israeli band that’s been delivering politically-charged death metal since 1985. Which brings us to a simple question: is the lower case version of Salem aware that they’re two decades late in discovering that name? And if so, aren’t they a little worried about pissing off a bunch of dudes who are about to deliver “The Mark of the Beast” in three parts, two of which feature former At the Gates frontman Tomas Lindberg?

We certainly would be, especially after seeing the following record sleeve and SALEM’s trio of truly controversial video clips. You know what’s not that controversial, though? A Bob Marley cover.

Playing God & Other Short Stories:
1. Drums Of The Dead Part 1
2. Drums Of The Dead part 2
3. The Privileged Dead
4. Exodus (Bob Marley cover)
5. Downfall Of Paris Part 1
6. Downfall Of Paris Part 2
7. The Mark Of The Beast Part 1 (featuring Tomas Lindberg on guest vocals)
8. Beast Lullaby
9. The Mark Of The Beast Part 2 (featuring Tomas Lindberg on vocals)
10. The Mark of The Beast Part 3
11. I Hate Pigs!
12. Playing God