Bartosz Kruczyński
Makes Us a Dance Mix
Under His Earth Trax Alias


The idea behind this mix was to expand on my last album, LP2 – Ambient Dance. It focuses on both new and old tracks, the majority of which are from Bandcamp.

I think we are in this transition period where a lot of the older generation DIY producers and artists have become aware of new media and technology and are resurfacing, often on their own terms. Which is pretty great.

This mix explores some of the ideas that excite me the most in dance music — repetitive minimalism, melodic pads, otherworldly reverbs, and disorienting leads….

John Beltran – Soft Summer
HVL – Sallow Myth
Overmono – Daisy Chain
Sysex – Pulsar Loops
Analogical – Camillo
I:Cube – Yes Mama
Terrence Dixon – Man From Lost
Balil – Small Energies
Blue Hour – Moments
Credit 00 – The Garden
Speedy J – Symmetry

Bartosz Kruczyński’s latest Earth Trax LP is nów available through the Bristol label Shall Not Fade. Check out a complete stream of the record below, along with a new video and a wide range of mood-altering music from Kruczyński’s restless back catalogue.