Basic House Cuts Opal Tapes x MUTEK Mix

Basic House

With this year’s MUTEK festival less than a month away, Stephen Bishop (a.k.a. Basic House) has stepped in to represent his Opal Tapes crew with an exclusive mix of new, old and forthcoming material from the UK label. Available below, it features such fellow MUTEK performers as Karen Gwyer and Patricia, along with a dizzying cross section of experimental dance music.


Life’s Track – Running Out
Aniello – Piano Children
Kaumwald – Rapa Nui Clan
Bret Schneider – Isochrone Section 281-337
Stephen Bishop – Pull Audio
Wanda Group – Easy In the Future (Excerpt)
Body Boys – Yunnan
Patricia – Mercury In Retrograde
Metrist – That Prick I Hate
Lumisokea – DF (Untitled)
Wanda Group – Easy In the Future (Excerpt)
Schiari – Ambiguity
Basic House – A Swing (Excerpt)
Life’s Track – Consequence
Nathan Melja – Make Rekkurds
Metrist – Shit Patches