Blood Orange Shares Mixtape of Influences From New Album

Blood Orange

“This is a mixtape I have made to describe the influences, samples and features from the forthcoming Blood Orange album ‘Cupid Deluxe’.

It features edits, dubs, remixes, live vocals, from myself and varying others. Unreleased songs, live instrumentation and lots of stupid talking. Any questions you may have please feel free to ask, but for the most part, this should really answer a lot, if not all queries.

Well, hope you enjoy it. Kick back and tune in.

ps. due to the crazy amount of dubs I did, this shit’s quiet, so turn it up. If you want a tape version, message me.

Devonté Hynes.”

UPDATE: Hynes was forced to take his tape down for some reason, although he insists it’ll “be back up soon.”