Can’s Irmin Schmidt and Jaki Liebezeit Reunite on Cyclopean EP


(L to R: Irmin Schmidt & Jono Padmore)

Last year’s Lost Tapes project must have stirred some nostalgia in Can co-founders Irmin Schmidt and Jaki Liebezeit, who are now one-half of Cyclopean with Burnt Friedman and Jono Podmore. Due out next Monday through Mute, the band’s self-titled EP is described as “profoundly original and bursting with imagination. The title provides a metaphor for the music: Cyclopean forms are beautiful, massive and intriguing structures that interlock, intersect and connect seemingly contradictory components. Heavy, yet light, powerful, subtle, intriguing and playful. There’s also a flavor of the ancient in this music–an artifact from a sophisticated pre-culture perhaps. Extraordinary instrumentation–rubber band guitar, theremin, prepared piano–is unified through the monumental and unique drum patterns, as the characters of the four players are at once individually unmistakably and irrevocably intertwined.”

Translation: it’s a lot like Can. Savor the light psychedelics of “Fingers” down below… 


Cyclopean, Cyclopean (Mute, February 11th):
1. Apostles
2. Fingers
3. Knuckles
4. Weeks