Clams Casino Tackles Pop Music With Pia Mia, Chance the Rapper on “Fight For You”

Now that everyone’s done talking about the latest Hunger Games film, it appears that Divergent is poised to be the latest movie connecting the dots between an overblown sci-fi storyline and crossover-friendly indie music. Yesterday, M83 lent his IMAX-ready melodrama to a new sax-laced, synth-lined song called “I Need You” (think: Sigur Rós in outer space); today we have the much-anticipated collaboration between Clams Casino and Chance the Rapper, which is really more of a marquee showing for recent Interscope signing Pia Mia. The Guam native steps right in front of Casino’s stuttering sample banks and pretty much owns the track throughout, making her bid for Top 40 plays until Chance bends a few guest verses around a vaporized ambient break.