Damon Albarn
“Lonely Press Play”

Considering all the success Damon Albarn has enjoyed over the years, you’d think he’d use his solo album as an opportunity to loosen up a little, to explore some of the joyous international/dance/experimental sounds his Honest Jon’s imprint celebrates on a monthly basis. Now that we’re two singles into Everyday Robots, that doesn’t seem very likely. The album looks like it’s going to be a moody look inward and out instead, which is fine considering Albarn has one of the most distinct, and haunting, voices in modern rock music.

“Lonely Press Play” is exactly what it sounds like, a reminder that you can always find an escape through music. In Albarn’s case, we find him sharing his own personal iPad footage of time spent in Tokyo, London, Dallas, Utah, Colchester, North Korea, Iceland and Devon. Because he too feels the pain of everyone on the road, with the only solace coming from the records piped through a pair of headphones.

‘Everyday Robots’ is due out April 29th through Warner Bros.