Evian Christ, “Waterfall”

The first thing you’ll hear when firing up the title track from Evian Christ’s Waterfall EP is a violent burst of feedback and sheet metal sounds that could pass for a Wolf Eyes sample. The motif returns throughout the track’s tightly edited running time, but it’s cut with plaintive piano passages, ambient noise, steam-blasted beats and void-sucked vocals in a way that makes “Waterfall” a war between Christ’s experimental side and the clubs he’s looking to clobber in the months ahead. It’s not the easiest song to dance to, but that’s kinda the point, right down to the gunfire like groove that shows us the door.

Look out for the rest of Waterfall on March 17th. Christ is also taking his Trance Party series on the road with MssingNo in the support slot throughout. Check out the details…

Evian Christ + MssingNo tour dates:
3/7 LISBON (Musicbox)
3/20 PARIS (Nuba)
3/21 LONDON (Oval Space) – LIVE
3/27 ROMA (Circolo degli Artisti)
3/28 VIENNA (Pratersauna)
4/4 BRISTOL (Start the Bus)
4/5 SHEFFIELD (Hope Works Warehouse)
4/10 GLASGOW (Broadcast)
4/12 DUBLIN (Button Factory)
4/19 ISTANBUL (Club2club)
4/20 AMSTERDAM (MC Theater)
4/25 PRAGUE – (Lunchmeat)
4/26 TRONDHEIM – (Supa/Brukbar)
4/30 BRUSSELS (Bozar)