CMJ SPOTLIGHT (EDITOR’S CHOICE): Duchess Says @ M For Montreal Showcase, 10.21.09

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[Words and Lead Photos by Andrew Parks; Additional Photos by Aaron Richter]

The Artist and Their Latest Release: Duchess Says, split 7-inch w/ Red Mass (Alien8 Recordings)

Their Set in a Few Sentences: Remember when Karen O used to bait rock critics with regurgitated beer and a wicked banshee wail? Duchess Says singer Annie-Claude Deschênes takes that fuck-all attitude to its next logical extreme by running at us, not with us. And since her backing band reminds self-titled of the dearly-missed nutcases in Les Georges Leningrad, the music itself is worth making an ass of yourself to (i.e. screaming and slam-dancing like it’s 19-99).

And a Letter Grade: A