Cocteau Twins Ready Vinyl Reissues of ‘Blue Bell Knoll’, ‘Heaven or Las Vegas’

4AD has announced vinyl reissues of two long out-of-print Cocteau Twins LPs. Available July 15th, Blue Bell Knoll and the much more essential Heaven or Las Vegas will be available in heavyweight black vinyl pressings, freshly cut from “brand-new HD 96/24 masters.” (We’re not sure what that means, but it sounds promising enough given how gorgeous some of these songs are.)

While it’s not as highly regarded as earlier efforts like Treasure and Head Over Heels, Blue Bell Knoll is a personal favorite of guitarist Robin Guthrie, who once said, “At first you’re just trying to make a record, and then you’re trying to make a really good record. And then you’re trying to go further… Blue Bell Knoll was a really important record to me.”

Watch the video for “Heaven or Las Vegas” below…