COMING SOON: 2562, ‘Fever’

The Artist/Album: 2562, Fever (When In Doubt, April 4th)

The Details: While we tagged his last album “tomorrow’s dubstep today,” Fever is Dave Huismans’ stab at making a straight-up disco record, albeit one that’d make more sense in the late-’70s/early-’80s underground than in Studio 54. To get the purest sound possible, the producer based every song off actual well-aged disco records, with “no additional synthesizers, drum computers or other sample sources involved.”

Or as Huisman told FACT, “I set out to write a few simple grooves based on sampling the disco records I had been listening to as a much needed escape from electronic music, and before I knew it it became an album. Just the 11 tracks and that was it. Even the order in which I wrote them largely remained the same on the album, it just worked.

He continued, “As a result the album to me feels like a soundtrack to my personal life during the summer in which I made it. I didn’t perform or travel much that time, so it was a very simple life: sampling records, making music, going for a run, watching the World Cup. Enjoying small things. In fact it was the first time writing an album was simply fun.


Stream two new songs (available as a limited 10” if you’re lucky enough to score one of 300 screenprinted copies), and check out the full tracklisting after the jump…

2562, Fever:
1. Winamp Melodrama
2. Cheater
3. Juxtapose
4. Aquatic Family Affair
5. Intermission
6. Flavour Park Jam
7. This Is Hardcore
8. Brasil Deadwalker
9. Final Frenzy
10. Wasteland
11. Fever