COMING SOON: Gold Panda, ‘Companion’

The Artist/Album: Gold Panda, Companion (Ghostly International, March 22nd)

The Details: One of last year’s most promising breakout producers gets three early EPs (Before, Miyamae, and Quitter’s Raga) reissued as a carefully sequenced digital compilation. A bonus track (“Police”) sweetens the deal along with some nice cover art from Andy Gilmore. Check out the complete tracklisting and two streaming tracks below…

Gold Panda, Companion:
1. Quitter’s Raga
2. Fifth Ave
3. Like Totally
4. Back Home
5. Mayuri
6. Long Vacation
7. Lonely Owl
8. I Suppose I Should Say ‘Thanks’ Or Some Shit
9. Heaps
10. Bad Day Bad Loop
11. Triangle Cloud
12. Win-San Western
13. Police