COMING SOON: Murcof, ‘La Sangre Iluminada’

The Artist/Album: Murcof, La Sangre Iluminada (InFine, April 11th)

The Details: Mexico’s leading sound sculptor takes a scalpel to the film score he quietly released through Intolerancia Records in 2009. Now re-edited/mastered for a limited LP pressing through France’s InFine imprint, it pairs Murcof’s sinister soundscapes with the creepy neo-classical flourishes of pianist Vanessa Wagner and cellist Sasha Rozhdestvensky.

As it turns out, La Sangre Iluminada is the “story of six characters who mutate into new bodies. Deep down, all six keep traces of their past lives, of the former bodies they miss; deep-seated nostalgia has a strong hold on them.”

Which explains why the soundtrack is one of the most emotionally charged examples of minimalism we’ve heard in a while. While a digital version isn’t on the way until May 9th, you can pre-order one of 300 blood red vinyl copies at Bleep, or snag the 2007 film itself at Amazon. Check out a video clip below…