COMING SOON: The Strokes, ‘Angles’

The Artist/Album: The Strokes, Angles (RCA, March 22)

The Details: If the single below is any indication, the album that’s taken five years, several side projects, and far too many false starts to finish may be a bare bones return to form after all. Hey, it’s better than listening to Kings of Leon or contributing to the inflated egos of the many underground bands who only think they’re rock stars.

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Sample the Single:

The Strokes, Angles:
1. Machu Picchu

2. Under Cover of Darkness

3. Two Kinds of Happiness

4. You’re So Right

5. Taken For A Fool

6. Games

7. Call Me Back

8. Gratisfaction

9. Metabolism

10. Life Is Simple In The Moonlight