CONFESSIONS OF A CMJ VIRGIN: Day 5, OSCILLATIONS F/ Women, Crystal Antlers, Amazing Baby, Jay Reatard and DJ Blaqstarr

Best. Night. Ever.

It’s after 11 on Sunday evening, just 10 hours since The CMJ Virgin opened one eye at a time and hesitantly removed himself from beneath the covers of his bed. A little less than 24 hours since Jay Reatard rocked his face off at the self-titled/R5 CMJ bash. A solid day since Amazing Baby packed a full band plus backup singers onto a tiny Glasslands stage. And slightly longer since Crystal Antlers and Women brought him to tears. Throughout today, our Virgin has survived on a steady diet of peanut M&Ms and Hint of Lime tortilla chips as he remembers the ferocious beats served up by DJ Blaqstarr and the Mad Decent crew as the prior evening rolled to an end.  He wants to do absolutely nothing at all for at least a week (or three). He looks back on the week that was CMJ with fond memories (as well as some frustrating ones). In conclusion: The CMJ Virgin’s cherry has officially been popped. Rejoice!

Check out his photos from Saturday night after the jump.

[self-titled Editor-in-Chief Andrew Parks (aka DJ Metroid; bka DJ Sleezy P; aka Macho Man Andy Savage) held it down on the ones and twos.]

[Women played 11 shows this week. Wow. On Saturday night, they were math-y, noisy and a billion times better than their snoozy set earlier in the week.]

[The CMV Virgin has a magical camera that aged s/t Art Director Garrett Morin by 15 years. Hopefully the loss of his eye will not affect his aesthetic sensibility.]

[Crystal Antlers played for no more than 15 minutes and exploded no fewer than 15 heads.]

[A betting Virgin would put big money on Amazing Baby for 2009. Huge potential (but could use a bit of refinement). Also, the lead singer is a dead-ringer for Sean Penn.]

[This is s/t Managing Editor Arye Dworken’s O face constipation face. Later in the evening, he moshed and was very proud of himself for doing so.]

[There are billions of reasons to love s/t cover boy Jay Reatard. Reason No. 327: Each song has at least one section that you can shout along with until your voice gives out.]

[After his set, Jay–ever the courteous showman–shook hands with these two guys. Earlier, one had proclaimed, “I’m gonna get my ass kicked by Jay Reatard.” Big talk…]

[You can find Blaqstarr on]

[As the Mad Decent DJs rocked the party, these fans broke out an impromptu step show.]