Corin Tucker Gives Us Hope For a Sleater-Kinney Reunion

We’ve always been major Sleater-Kinney fans. In fact, the twentieth issue of self-titled‘s sister publication, DIW (RIP), featured a cover story with the trio, written by current Pitchfork staff writer Tom Breihan. So yeah, we want them to get back together once everyone’s done with their solo albums, NPR blog entries, and side projects. A-S-A-P, please.

Good thing frontwoman Corin Tucker had this to say to Paste, then: “I really hope [we play together again]. I don’t take it for granted and say that it’s inevitable. I’ll just say for myself that I hope that it happens. I think we’ve got a fair amount of logistical stuff for that to work through for that to happen, but–yeah.”

Yes! Find out more about Tucker’s upcoming solo album and other important matters here. And hey, while you’re at it, drummer Janet Weiss wouldn’t mind you checking out her self-titled feature (the highly-viral “10 Ways To Be a Kick-Ass Drummer”) one last time. Dig the stoic DIW shot after the jump as well…