COMING SOON: Cold Cave, ‘Cherish the Light Years’

The Artist/Album: Cold Cave, Cherish the Light Years (April 5, Matador)

The Details: As much as we’ve covered Cold Cave to death over the past couple years, this is the band’s first proper Matador album after a string of singles, limited releases, remixes and represses. Considering it was produced by Chris Coady and features such guests as Nick Zinner, Daryl Palumbo, Sean Martin and Matt Sweeney, we’re expecting a higher-fi affair than the band’s past work, and a fitting pop/noise/power electronics fusion of Cold Cave’s core players–frontman Wesley Eisold and Dominick Fernow of Prurient. Not to mention a rain-slicked reflection of Eisold’s first year living in New York City.

“Lyrically, I want to convey what a lot of my favorite writers give me to other people,” he explains in a press release. “I want there to be this air of romance that has a seedy underbelly, like Jean Genet…I [also] wanted the record to pertain to every musical moment of my life, from being a kid who’s into The Cure or New Order or some of the early Siouxsie records to some of the last few bands I’ve been in too.”

Eisold also makes sure to mention everything from Scott Walker to Suede, so we’re not quite sure what this will all amount to. Either way, keep your eyes here for more Cold Cave coverage in the coming months. In the meantime, we’re proud to present the cover story we ran back when this record was started more than a year ago…