D.A.N. Channel Thailand’s Hell Temple in “Elephant” Single

“The concept of wabi-sabi spirit runs through our music,” says D.A.N. singer Daigo, “which I think evokes both melancholy and joyful emotions.”

That’s certainly the case on “Elephant,” the dream-like track explained in detail by the Tokyo-based trio below, right alongside a handful of live footage and recent singles….

The theme of the lyrics is ‘Pop Hell’. It’s about how we view death and life. I wrote it from an optimistic point of view, with the image of washing the sin and regret of people. As for the sound, we made it with the image of the hell temple in Thailand. Some of the samplings in the song are actually the sutra we’ve recorded in the temple in Thailand. The title ‘Elephant’ has no specific source, but it may link to Thailand as elephant is the symbolic animal of the county.