The Hacker & Alessandro Adriani Share Exclusive B2B DJ Mix

Seeing as how Michael Amato (a.k.a. The Hacker) and Alessandro Adriani first crossed paths with a collaborative Strange Sounds From Beyond set, we thought we’d ask the duo to celebrate their debut EP (Amato & Adriani’s Présence du Futur) with a B2B DJ mix. They fired a full hour of strobe-lit electro, techno, and EBM right back at us, along with a Naked Lunch quote and the following statement:

We love dusty analog machines, pulsating electronic ARP bleeps, FM synth basslines over a SH-101, Kraftwerk clones, Chrislo Haas’ impossible-to-copy drum rhythms, and refreshing obsolete tracks, give them new life alongside unreleased tracks so people keep asking ‘ID?’ on SoundCloud.

“The study of thinking machines teaches us more about the brain than we can learn by introspective methods. Western man is externalizing himself in the form of gadgets.” —William S. Burroughs, ‘Naked Lunch’

David Carretta – Come Here Come Down
Le Syndicat Electronique – La Dune Morte (unreleased)
Spetsnaz – Mine
Maelstrom – Backseat
Umo Detic – Carpe Diem
Der Zyklus – Der Tonimpulstest (Original Mix)
Leo Anibaldi & Marchio Micheli – Night Dogs
The Populists – Bakchich
Mutant Beat Dance – Rottonfunk (Original Mix)
Liaisons Dangereuses – Avant Apres Mars
Outermost – Mystic River
Cassegrain – Trappist (The Mover remix)
RXmode – Degraded (Original)
Anthony Rother – Tokyo Principle
Apollo Noir – Bifurcation Towards Chaos (Lokier Remix)
//TENSE// – Redemption For You