Daedelus On… Footwork

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Words by Alfred Darlington

This year was spoiled rotten with an inordinate amount of footwork to feast on. Juke for days, both from familiar aliases and unknowns, yet I’m not nearly full. To me, the best was also the most singular: RP Boo’s Legacy is so thoroughly Chicago. Not that you’d ever encounter the sound in the wild there, but if you were to seek it out, you would’ve heard Boo at some point as the sounds of Godzilla’s OST and more recently his “Speakers R-4 (Sounds)” are prototype juke—well fucked, and that much compelling for it. Just listen to “Red Hot” with its competing rhythms; it makes legs go funny.

However, not everything was so. DJ Rashad and Traxman found a soul in the syncopation with endless sub-kicks; Machinedrum imagined a whole city of bass with Vapor City; and DJ Clap’s Best Night Ever (on my Magical Properties label) and Slick Shoota both took it to an illogical conclusion thrillingly.

Not to leave out so many other trailblazers and newer voices. 2014 will be even bigger; mark my words.

Daedelus’ latest album, ‘Drown Out’, is available now through Anticon. Check out more from the MPC-mashing producer here, and a bonus Top 5 alongside some recent material down below…

5. Ascot / Cravat / Bow Tie / Tie
4. Walking Stick (With Optional Sword or Flask)
3. Waistcoat
2. Spats
1. Pocket Watch with Fob (Dipped in Tea Optionally, For Those Mad Enough)

Congratulations to those who wore jersey, varsity, custom kicks, or nothing at all. To each their own; next year will bring another wave of now…