Daniel Menche, William Fowler Collins Announce Split LP Inspired By Jean Paul

William Fowler Collins + Daniel Menche split LP

SIGE Records—the Vashon-based imprint of former Isis frontman Aaron Turner and Mamiffer’s Faith Coloccia—have announced a new limited split LP featuring side-long pieces from William Fowler Collins and Daniel Menche. Both are inspired by the “Speech of the Dead Christ” section in Jean Paul’s three-volume German Romantic novel Siebenkäs, which features the following opening gambit:

“I traversed the worlds, I ascended into the suns, and soared with the Milky Ways through the wastes of heaven; but there is no God. I descended to the last reaches of the shadows of Being, and I looked into the chasm and cried: ‘Father, where art thou?’ But I heard only the eternal storm ruled by none, and the shimmering rainbow of essence stood without sun to create it, trickling above the abyss.”

As you might imagine, the song excerpts below are disquieting indeed. Check them out in full on May 20th, when 250 vinyl copies (available for pre-order here) and 50 hand-stamped cassettes roll off the assembly line…