Death Grips Ready Limited Vinyl Pressing of ‘NO LOVE DEEP WEB’

Death Grips @ (Le) Poisson Rouge

The never dull narrative of Death Grips took a rather ordinary turn this morning, as Pitchfork revealed that the trio’s NO LOVE DEEP WEB album would finally get a physical release on November 19th. Death Grips leaked the LP late last year without notifying their label Epic, who dropped the group soon after the (necessary?) publicity stunt.

A pre-order page is now up at Amazon here. While a price isn’t listed for the vinyl version yet, the item description claims that only 1,000 copies will be pressed. (So maybe that one money-burning eBay user wasn’t totally ripped off. Okay, they were.)

Death Grips - 'No Love Deep Web'

Death Grips, No Love Deep Web (Harvest, November 19th):
1. Come up and get me
2. Lil Boy
3. No Love
4. Black Dice
5. World of Dogs
6. Lock your doors
7. Whammy
8. Hunger Games
9. Deep Web
10. Stockton
11. Pop
12. Bass rattle stars out the sky
13. Artificial death in the West