“Peepsie (Hyetal Remix)”

Considering the resurgence of pro-dubbed cassettes and lavishly packaged LPs in recent years, are carefully designed compact discs the next tangible object to push back against the digital age? That’s what Universal Quantifier seems to be saying; due out October 14th through Halocyan Records (the new imprint of Phthalo founder Dimitri Fergadis, an early supporter of Daedelus, Vladislav Delay and many other fringe producers), the two-disc compilation “was curated as a comment on the tension between ‘techne’ (human made craft) and ‘episteme’ (science, absolute truth) within electronic music.”

Make of that what you will. Judging by its lead single (a visceral Artifact tune called “Cry”) and the more subdued premiere (a meditative Dntel remix by Hyetal) we’ve presented here, the imprint Universal Quantifier leaves on a listener is very real—philosophical on paper, and wildly expressive in execution…


Universal Quantifier:
CD 1:
1. xxxy – Bash
2. Chrissy Murderbot – Friendship
3. Hackman – Semibreves
4. Sumsun – Avey Oliver
5. Paul Woolford – 5meO
6. TheThird Man – Red Boxing
7. Arkist – 23 Summers
8. ASC – Sonic Assault
9. Raudive – Last
10. Dosem – Atica (DJ Pierre’s HEY Wildpitch MX)
11. Sumsun – New Piano (Minilogue’s Ocean of Love)

CD 2:
1. Artifact – Cry
2. xxxy – Bash (French Fries Remix)
3. Chrissy Murderbot – Friendship (Legowelt Remix)
4. Paul Woolford – Pursuit (Extrawelt’s Griddle Remix)
5. Aki Latvamäki – It Is Not Now Either (Max Cooper Sub Dub)
6. Stabber – Huh! (Randomer Remix)
7. Arkist – Addict f. Appleblim (Komon Remix)
8. ASC – Sonic Assault (Kangding Ray Remix)
9. Raudive – Last (AlTourettes & Appleblim Remix)
10. Dntel – Peepsie (Hyetal Remix)
11. Stabber – Huh! (Matthias Zimmermann Remix)
12. Jason Potratz – Absent Center
13. Dosem – Atica (Joey Beltram Remix)