“Spazieren (INIT Remix)”


While Abstraxion’s latest album—the mood-altering, minor-keyed She Thought She Would Last Forever—is still a month away, the French producer has a new single hitting shops through his Biologic Records imprint next Monday. And while “Spazieren” is an expansive, 10-minute tour de force on its own, INIT crank up its creepiness on today’s #selftitledpremiere. Have a listen here and look out for the rest of the record on October 10th…

Abstraxion's 'She Thought She Would Last Forever' album

She Thought She Would Last Forever
(Biologic Records, October 10th)

1. An Error Occured
2. Just What I’ve Always Wanted
3. She Thought She Would Last Forever
4. Needed You
5. Spazieren
6. Blackout
7. Seascape
8. Not Far Away From You
9. Rinjani
10. Dystopia