Download John Talabot’s Three-Hour DJ Set From Dublin’s Button Factory

That whole “everyone’s a DJ now” argument kinda falls by the wayside when you hear someone like John Talabot spin. As heard on last year’s poll-topping DJ-Kicks mix, the Barcelona-based producer knows his way around a record crate, and can beatmatch genres and moods for hours on end whenever he’s asked to. Those very skills will be on display when he rolls through North America next month; for now, here’s a taste of what we can all expect, a three-hour Dublin set from last month that’s going to pretty much soundtrack the rest of our morning…

John Talabot tour dates:
2/4 Miami, FL – Bardot
2/5 Washington, DC – U Hall
2/6 Montreal, QC – SAT
2/7 New York, NY – SRB
2/8 Toronto, ON – Footwork
2/9 Vancouver, BC – Fortune
2/11 Seattle, WA – Q
2/12 Austin, TX – Kingdom
2/13 Costa Mesa, CA – Mesa
2/14 Los Angeles, CA – Club Called Rhonda
2/15 San Francisco, CA – Icee Hot