DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Lali Puna, “Papa Was a Rodeo” (The Magnetic Fields cover)

The Song In a Couple Sentences: Since Magnetic Fields came out with a folk-infused full-length (Realism) this week–a week that also introduced the first new Lali Puna LP in five years–we thought we’d share the A-side of John Yoko’s sole 7-inch single. Who is John Yoko? Why, it’s the couple at the core of Lali Puna, singer Valerie Trebeljahr and the Notwist‘s Markus Acher. Here, they take on a one-night-only alias, draping the Magnetic Fields (“Papa Was a Rodeo”) and Smog (“Morning Paper”) in steam-pressed drum machines and sputtering EFX. Snag the B-side here.

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