DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Matthew Dear, “Slowdance (How To Dress Well Seance)”

Photo: Aaron Richter

Of all the records we keep revisiting from last year, Matthew Dear‘s Black City makes the most sense every time the clock strikes 4 (in the morning) and there’s no choice but to stay up all night, barricaded from the rest of the world in a dimly lit loft somewhere in the blackened heart of Brooklyn.

Unlike the peak hour passages of “Little People (Black City),” the synth-pressed balladry of “Slowdance” is exactly what you want to be hearing as the sun breaches the horizon and the cold hard reality of the world outside these windows sets in. A world that looks a lot like the cover art of Dear’s new Slowdance compilation, a collection of remixes (and one B-side called “Innh Dahh”) that includes contributions from Bear In Heaven, Nicolas Jaar, Todd Edwards, and How To Dress Well. His “Seance” version of the title track can be found below. Like HTDW’s own Love Remains LP, it’s what we’d imagine R&B sounding like as you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel…

Matthew Dear, Slowdance:
1. Slowdance
2. Slowdance (How To Dress Well Seance) *
3. Slowdance (Todd Edwards Remix) *
4. Slowdance (Bear In Heaven Remix)
5. You Put A Smell On Me (Photocall Remix) *
6. You Put A Smell On Me (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
7. You Put A Smell On Me (Breakbot Remix)
8. Little People (Black City) [Mark E Remix]
9. Little People (Black City) [Sascha Dive Dub Remix]
10. Innh Dahh ^
11. You Put A Smell On Me (Photocall Instrumental Remix) *

* Never before released
^ digital only exclusive on Black City
# The Ghostly Store Exclusive