DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Both Sides of Radiohead’s Record Store Day Single, “The Butcher” & “Supercollider”

Now that the dust’s cleared from Record Store Day, we’ve decided to bypass the industry’s annual eBay rush and scoop up digital versions of as many out-of-print-on-arrival singles as possible. And what better place to start than Radiohead, a band who despises us North American scum so much they didn’t even bother releasing “The Butcher”/”Supercollider” on these shores?

Both of the above songs were sparked during Radiohead’s King of Limbs sessions, although “Supercollider” was wrapped after the record dropped. As for the single’s artwork, we can’t help but notice the striking similarity to Sunny Day Real Estate’s How It Feels To Be Something On. Are we right or are we right?