SXSW Shots By The Black Lips, Toro Y Moi & the Megaphonic Thrift

The Black Lips & Gwar

Since most SXSW packages–ours included–rely on a similar realm of live photos and party previews, self-titled thought we’d do something a little different this year: drop disposable cameras in the hands of our favorite bands, along with a few simple instructions:

1. Don’t worry about capturing shows. ‘Professional photographers’ already have them covered.
2. The more candid and random the roll, the better.
3. Don’t forget a dick shot, okay?

While a few cameras went missing, just about everyone delivered the goods, including one artist who took No. 3 literally and shall remain nameless…

[The Black Lips]

[Toro Y Moi]

[The Megaphonic Thrift]