DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: The A-Side of Banjo Or Freakout’s New 7”, a DFA Cover, and His Depressing Take On “Frosty the Snowman”

Here’s something we didn’t realize until tonight: Banjo or Freakout–the one man band who recently covered NDF’s stellar “Since We Last Met” single for DFA–is the other half of Walls, the Kompakt-endorsed duo who delivered one of 2010’s most satisfying astral plane albums.

Got all that? Good. We’ve already talked about Sam Willis’ two side projects (Allez-Allez, Snoretex), so here’s three songs from Alessio Natalizia’s alias, including the A-side of his new 7”, a minor-keyed cover from his freshly-uploaded Christmas album (free here for the first 1,000 listeners), and his moon walk spin on “Since We Last Met”…

Banjo or Freakout’s self-titled debut album is due out February 11 on Rare Book Room.