Downwards Reveal Clear Vinyl Releases From Justin Broadrick, Female, and Anthony Child & Andrew Read

Final - 'Black Dollars' album cover

Regis and Female’s Downwards imprint has broken its relative silence—just a British Murder Boys compilation and a DVA Damas EP this year—with news of three clear vinyl records this fall. Up first in September is Black Dollars, a new album from Final, the longtime ambient/experimental alias of Justin Broadrick. That 2×12” pressing will be followed by a couple of reissues: Female’s Angel Plague LP, which first dropped in 1999, and Guitar Treatments, a rare “heavy pagan” drone session from 2002 that pitted Regis’ former British Murder Boys bandmate (Anthony Child, a.k.a. Surgeon) against Blim guitarist Andrew Read.

Check out a breakdown of both records down below, along with some track samples. (Broadrick’s sleeve can be spotted at the top of this post.) Regis’ own Manbait compilation is due out through Blackest Ever Black September 18th.

Anthony Child + Andrew Read - 'Guitar Treatments'

Andrew Read & Anthony Child
Guitar Treatments
(September/October, 2015)

1. Guitar Treatment Pt. 1
2. Guitar Treatment Pt. 2
3. Guitar Treatment Pt. 3
4. Guitar Treatment Pt. 4
5. Guitar Treatment Pt. 5
6. Guitar Treatment Pt. 6
7. Guitar Treatment Pt. 7
8. Guitar Treatment Pt. 8

Female - 'Angel Plague' album cover

Angel Plague
(September/October, 2015)

1. No Sense / No Reason
2. My Untied Hands
3. Surrounded By Enemies
4. Day In – Day Out
5. Because The Night
6. Looking Through The Eyes Of Love
7. Drawing Me In
8. Skin Test
9. Untitled