EDITOR’S PICK: Clothilde, ‘French Swinging Mademoiselle’

Clothilde - 'French Swinging Mademoiselle'

Clothilde - 'French Swinging Mademoiselle'

The Artist/Album: Clothilde, French Swinging Mademoiselle (Born Bad, 2013)

Our Review: Don’t let the language barrier on this long overdue French-pop compilation distract you from just how brilliant it is. Cut back in 1967 by Clothilde and her two main collaborators, Jean-marie Di Maria and Germinal Tenas, the songs on French Swinging Mademoiselle span just two EPs yet every single track is intoxicating. That’s because they’re straight-up bonkers, bursting through your speakers on the back of cartoonish cackles, tongue-in-cheek entendres, and kitchen sink arrangements that toss brassy horns, candy-colored chords and psych-steeped guitars in the mix and at your face. The thing is, you won’t even want to duck.

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