TNGHT - 'Acrylics'

TNGHT - 'Acrylics' Earlier this morning, we heard rumblings of a new TNGHT track that was set to premier on Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show. And what do you know; the official LuckyMe x Warp co-release is already available to download from iTunes.

As expected from the duo’s recent live performances, it’s got more in common with the endorphin-flooding head rushes of a warehouse rave (circa: 1989, or one of the Prodigy’s seminal records) than the token trap-rave tracks TNGHT are often lumped in with. Setting things off with a MC shouting “DJ!” and roaring, rumbling layers of synth lines, it’s obviously engineered to drive peak-hour crowds up a wall, from its BPM-slowing music box breaks to its meteor shower melodies. Which is fitting considering Lunice and HudMo are about to do a victory lap around Coachella, Philly (April 10th), New York (April 17th) and San Francisco (April 20th) before dropping who knows what later this year.

Listen below, right alongside the duo’s essential Radio 1 mix…