Egyptrixx Reveals a ‘Scrapbook of Ideas’ From His New Album in Night Slugs Mix

Night Slugs’ sporadic mix series is always on point, but its fourth entry really rubs us the right way. Described as a “self-defined scrapbook of ideas” for A/B til InfinityEgyptrixx’s second album, which is due out in November—it starts with the subtle drone tones of Eliane Radigue but quickly slams into a wall of Wolf Eyes and acid-drenched techno. If dude’s album is anything like this, we’ll be blasting it well into 2014…

1. Eliane Radigue – Kyema [Experimental Intermedia Foundation]
2. Wolf Eyes – Untitled III [Hanson]
3. Hysterics – Code Switch (Club Mix) [NSCC]
4. Egyptrixx – Water [Night Slugs]
5. Planetary Assault System – Flat Tire [Mote Evolver]
6. Jeremy Greenspan + Borys – Saint Hood [Jialong]
7. Bleak – Ekko [Deeply Rooted House]
8. Boner M – Poke [Pennyroyal]
9. Tommy Four Seven – Monix [Strobscopic Artifacts]
10. Headless Horsemen – Graveyard (Perc Remix) [HH]
11. Barker + Baumecker – Murder of Crows Part 2 [Ostgut Ton]
12. Rest.wav
13. Moin – Elsie [Blackest Ever Black]
14. Egyptrixx – Adult [Night Slugs]