Eydís Evensen Shares a
Seasonal Piano Day Playlist

Photography SAGA SIG

Seeing as how winter hasn’t quite loosened its grip just yet, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate Piano Day than to point out the ivory-tinged Frost EP Eydís Evensen has on deck through XXIM Records next week.

“It’s such a hard thing to go through — this darkness,” the composer/pianist says of the long nights that face her up north every winter, “but the rising of the sun earlier and earlier as spring nears is hugely important for Icelanders…. Seeing that there is light at the end of the tunnel [is] very representative of what we’ve all gone through, and a renewed sense of hope.”

To help put things in perspective even further, Evensen was kind enough to share a special Piano Day playlist, which she describes as follows:

Happy Piano Day 2022.

These are some of my current favorite piano-based tracks. Spring is upon us at last and I feel that there is always a slight hope within this seasonal transition. Some of these tracks represent this hope and inspiration for me and I hope you will feel that way too.