Free the Robots Makes Us a Globe-Trotting Mix Inspired By His Tempo Dreams Compilation

Photography BRENDAN GOCO

Unless you were a regular at the legendary weekly party Low End Theory, odds are you don’t know all the ace DJs and producers LA’s beat scene has churned out for the past decade. Well consider the following Needle Exchange a refresher course on Free the Robots, an underground staple who just dropped a stellar compilation for Bastard Jazz’s Tempo Dreams series.

“This set of tracks represents some of the different moods I’ve always been into,” he says, “basically an extension of Tempo Dreams Vol. 5. It includes other songs by artists on the comp, songs from the comp, recent Free the Robots tracks, music from more friends in the community, personal favorites, and rare classics. Like Tempo Dreams, it draws from around the world and travels like a journey throughout.”

Have a listen to his groove-locked set below, followed by a complete stream of Tempo Dreams Vol. 5….

Chassol – Birds
Niels Broos – It Rains
Skalpel – Wooden Toy
MRR – Mandible
Mophono – Bernardwuar
Oliver Nelson – Skull Session
Collage – Ehted Kadunud
Pablo Schneider – Amor en llamas
Baris Manco – Gonul Dagi
Meridian Brothers – Dinamita
Seven Davis Jr – Afterlife feat. Kutmah
Karavan – Mixed Signals
Broadcast – Microtonics 18
Salami Rose Joe Louis – Losing Sleep Over The Cretaceous
Rexy – Don’t Turn Me Away
Karavan – La Experiencia
Ilia Gorovitz – Ginalala Um
Ava Luna – Sears Roebuck M&Ms
Swarvy – Overdose
Cazal Organizm – Ask My Nigga Cazal (The Jive)
Jaw Gems – Ohio
JP Moregun (Feat. Niki Randa) – Coming Back
The Cecil Holmes – I’m gonna love you just a little more baby
MNP – Dip Dab
GRAY – Sweetness of The New (Free The Robots Remix)
Co.fee – Tiki God
Never Ending Echo – Far Out
McDonald and Giles – Tomorrow’s People
Devo – Mechanical Man
Free the Robots – Nasi Goreng
Roy Harmon – Hendrix

Free the Robots | Tempo Dreams